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Proud to Be Part of the Long Blue Line

W Bloggers Begins


This is a group for MUW bloggers to connect online. Whether you’re alumni, student, faculty or staff we’d love to have you.

We are in the beginning stages so please spread the word to other W Girls & Guys!

If you would like to be involved & listed please sign up here. We’d be delighted to have you join us.



Sarah Shotts

Class of 2008


P.S. Here are badges for members to put on their sites. (Please link back to longbluelinebloggers.wordpress.com)

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Author: muwbloggers

We're proud to be part of the Long Blue Line.

2 thoughts on “W Bloggers Begins

  1. Hey! Just want to let you know I’m glad you followed. I’m Gene’O who writes the Tolkien stuff at Part Time Monster. This is an admin account for a blog I manage. I’m in a writing phase right now, but I’ll follow all your social media in the next few days.

    Just want you to know that if any of your members have questions about blogging/WordPress/Twitter, I’m happy to answer them if I can. I write about blogging and Twitter on a fairly regular basis — so often I have index pages for the links. I’m not an expert, but always happy to share what I know.

    So, if I can ever be of assistance, tag me in a Tweet or drop a comment on one of my threads. If I can help you by spending a couple of minutes to answer a question or dig up a link for you, I’ll do it. I like to help bloggers.

    best of luck! (Or should I say, “break a leg”?)

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